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Picture this: You’re walking into the mall and you need to find a shirt. Immediately, a store comes to mind of where you can find the perfect product to suit your needs. Did you ever think about why a particular store comes to mind?

Most likely, it’s because you have established an admiration for that store over others. According to Marketing Profs, there is a set of three criteria that you follow when you admire a brand:

Trust: achieved when a brand helps its admirers feel empowered, in-control, confident, or relieved of a particular pain point.

Love: fostered when a brand stimulates senses of warmth, gratitude, nostalgia, and empathy.

Respect: earned when a brand’s beliefs, principles, hopes, and vision are in harmonious alignment with the people it serves.

When three of our team members were prompted with this criteria, three companies came to mind: Wegmans, Peter Blair, and American Family Fitness.

Alex: Wegmans

Trust: The brand name products that Wegmans sells surpass the original brands. Somehow W-Os surpass the average Oreo. When I go there, I feel like the store brand is giving me the absolute best products. Each product has to meet rigorous quality and sustainability standards for them to even consider putting it on their shelves.

Love: I grew up on Wegmans… you could say I’m a self-proclaimed #Wegmanic. When I was a newborn, my mom took me to store closest to our house at the time in Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s not that unheard of that people would drive over an hour to go to Wegmans. In fact, shortly after my then fiancé, now husband proposed to me, I told him, “I’m not moving to Richmond unless they have a Wegmans.” A month later, Wegmans announced they would be building TWO stores in the Richmond area.

Respect: One of the best parts about Wegmans is that they have great products, it’s not expensive, and they have a HUGE variety. In addition, Wegmans treats their employees extremely well. They have a scholarship program for undergraduates that spend their summers working there. And their motto is simple: “A happy, knowledgeable and superbly trained employee creates a better experience for customers. Extraordinary service builds tremendous loyalty.” To which, they have clearly developed.

Susan: Peter-Blair

Trust: My daughter was getting married last fall, my husband was given a family heirloom jacket to wear in the wedding at the last minute. As I was leaving town to head to the wedding, he called and asked me to go pick up a tie and vest to go with the jacket. All I had was a photograph that he sent me for something to match. Dick, the owner of the store, knew exactly what was needed and even had my husbands sizes on file. This made it effortless for us to find exactly what would go with the jacket.

Love: When my husband asked me to go pick up a tie and vest for the wedding, it never occurred to me to go anywhere else. I knew that Peter Blair would have exactly what I needed and would be able to help me out in a short amount of time for such an important event.

Respect: In just 15 minutes, I was in and out of the store and headed to the wedding. When I arrived, the tie and vest were PERFECT for the jacket. I was so happy that they were able to help me out and that I could rely on their expertise.

Heather: American Family Fitness

Trust: American Family gym and staff goes above and beyond what standard gyms offer. The quality classes, new equipment, no-judgment vibes, and clean facility ensure the trust I have with the company and that they are taking care of me well.

Love: When I walk in, I’m greeted by people who know my name; it is a sense of reassurance. The staff even notices when I don’t attend the gym for a few days… maybe weeks… and makes sure that everything is okay. They also have a promotion to recommend bringing a friend along, so you can have a workout buddy and a boost of motivation.

Respect: American Family Fitness is a well-known name around the area. Their motto is “Success starts here” and they truly push all of their members to feel confident about themselves. You don’t have to have a personal trainer, or attend every class, but they want to make sure you are working out the right way and know they are there when you need assistance.

Find out next week which brands the rest of the team admires!

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