5 Indicators Your Marketing Team Needs The Support of an Agency

As employees have mastered computer design programs and become adept at frequently posting to Social Media platforms, many company executives believe that their marketing departments can produce the majority of their communication needs “in-house”. But there is a big difference between the ability to use design programs and being a designer, and understanding what works […]

Brand Admiration Part II – WKH Team

Remember two weeks ago when we wrote about which brands we like? If not, click here to read part one of this blog post! This week, we’re continuing with the rest of the WKH team on which brand they trust, love, and respect according to this criteria from Marketing Profs. Trust: achieved when a brand […]

Brand Admiration – WKH Team

Picture this: You’re walking into the mall and you need to find a shirt. Immediately, a store comes to mind of where you can find the perfect product to suit your needs. Did you ever think about why a particular store comes to mind? Most likely, it’s because you have established an admiration for that […]

How Small Agencies Can Be a Good Resource for Larger Companies

Smaller agencies have struggled to get a shot at larger client accounts. Many larger companies feel that boutique agencies don’t have the creativity, the expertise or the resources to manage their marketing and communication needs. This belief is changing as companies increasingly shift investment away from traditional media into digital and particularly social media. Some […]

WKH Spotlight – Heather

Heather is the newest addition to the WKH team. A graduate in Business Administration in Marketing, Heather is a WKH graphic and web designer. She has worked as a creative for a Richmond-based advertising agency developing web sites and social media content, and for a management consultancy firm organizing events, developing and implementing marketing strategies, […]

WKH Spotlight – Refresh

Alex is the newest addition to the WKH team. With degrees in Communication and International Development from Houghton College, Alex is a WKH Creative Marketing Specialist. Her primary role is copywriting and content development for integrated marketing, social media and advertising campaigns. In her previous role at United Way, she was responsible for creating and […]