Analytics. The Doctors visit for your website.

Check-ups at the doctor’s office are a great way of letting you know how the inner workings of your body are performing; the same can be said about analytics for your website.

Analytics allow you to look into how your website is performing and see the areas that are doing well and which areas may need some work. They show you the data on every area of your website such as page views, new users vs. returning users, and how and where users arrive on your site.

At WKH, we take the raw data provided by the analytics and compile the information into a comprehensive report so that you can easily see how your website is performing (we even offer this for your social media channels as well). This report allows you to see which pages are driving the most traffic to your website and where your traffic is coming from. From there, we can help you pinpoint the areas where your website is succeeding and where it can improve. Our social media analytics can tell you what types of posts your followers enjoy seeing and what types of posts they are not as interested in. The information we gather from our Analytic reports help us build a concrete strategy based on real data and user behavior rather than just assuming what works.

Our analytics reports are similar to a doctor’s report, they give updates and recommendations for changes to make so your body (or in this case your website or social media) can perform at it’s best.

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