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Our Analytics Service Options

Analytics can be integrated with your website, email campaigns, advertising campaigns, and social media accounts to track the metrics that’ll show how well you’re meeting your goals, how your audience is using your website, and where you can improve your marketing efforts. Our analytics experts can provide monthly or quarterly analytics reports that detail all of this in an easy-to-digest format and are available to help you determine what insights and actionable steps can be drawn from your data.


Email Campaign Analytics

We’ll analyze and assess your email performance monthly or per campaign, and we’ll make recommendations for how to increase the open and click rates for your email campaigns.

ANALYTICS - social media

Social Media Analytics

We’ll monitor each of your social media platform’s metrics and provide a monthly report so you can understand how your content is performing. We’ll also analyze the data and make recommendations for content changes based on post performance.



We’ll review your organic website traffic and search position ranking monthly to identify additional optimization opportunities and make recommendations about how to leverage those opportunities.

ANALYTICS - website

Website Analytics

We’ll provide monthly website analytics reports to help you understand your overall website traffic, including where users are coming from and what they’re doing on your site. We’ll also make recommendations for content updates or site changes to further support your marketing goals. 

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