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As websites and mobile apps take over the marketing space, understanding your digital data is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. Analyzing data can feel overwhelming, but taking advantage of website analytics and reporting can help you put this valuable information to good use. What is Digital Analytics? Digital analytics

As a business professional, you may wonder how important your company’s marketing strategy is. What does marketing actually involve? Can it really help our business? What’s the difference between handling marketing in-house versus through an agency? In the following article, we’ll identify the types of marketing service providers and outline

What is Agile Marketing? The agile methodology is a tactical approach that marketers use to analyze projects after completion to understand which actions will improve results for future campaigns. Agile marketing is fast-paced, so it requires greater organization and experimentation than other methods. Projects need to be updated regularly and

What is The Flywheel Effect? Organizations that focus on delivering exceptional customer experience often utilize flywheel marketing. This type of marketing relies on continuous movement and depends on the amount of energy put into the movement and subsequently, the continued momentum of that energy. With the flywheel method, there are

Whether you’re new to the analytics scene or you consider yourself a seasoned expert, the looming conversion of Universal Google Analytics into Google Analytics 4, or GA4, is uncharted territory. There’s a lot to learn about this update, and with many businesses already transitioning into the new era, there’s no

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