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To make your business stand out, you need to build a powerful brand personality and establish your company as an expert in its field. Publishing consistent blog posts will not only fulfill these goals, but it can promote your business’s…
Trying to understand domain names, websites, and URLs can feel like learning a foreign language. We’re here to break down the confusion and explain domains and websites in simple terms….
The marketing funnel is a visual representation of a customer’s journey from initial awareness to conversion. The marketing funnel model can apply to a brand as a whole or to a specific product or service that a business offers….
The simplest way to increase organic marketing from your audience is by receiving online reviews from your existing clients or customers. Reviews on Yelp or Google Business are game-changers in a customer’s decision-making process….
After years of experience, the WKH team has seen many marketing successes and plenty of marketing mistakes. To help you and your brand avoid marketing fails, our experts shared their biggest marketing pet peeves and ways to fix them….
As websites and mobile apps take over the marketing space, understanding digital data is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. Analyzing data can feel overwhelming, but taking advantage of website analytics lets you put this valuable information to good use….
As a business professional, you may wonder how important your company’s marketing strategy is. We will identify the types of marketing service providers and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each so that you can determine which method will work…
Social audio is voice-based social media that involves creators recording themselves torr hosting a live discussion instead of posting a traditional photo with text. Other users can post a voice recording as a response to initiate a conversation….
The agile methodology is a tactical approach that marketers use to analyze projects after completion to understand which actions will improve results for future campaigns. Agile marketing is fast-paced, so it requires greater organization and experimentation than other methods….
Flywheel marketing relies on continuous movement and depends on the amount of energy put into the movement and subsequently, the continued momentum of that energy. With the flywheel method, there are three aspects to consider: size, speed, and friction….
Video marketing is a tool to promote your brand, product, or service. It connects with emotions and can create a powerful relationship between consumers and businesses that simple text cannot….
TikTok is a platform that continues to rise in popularity, and that popularity can easily translate to marketing conversions. Because of the maximum video length allowed, videos are both easy to make and to watch….
There’s a lot to learn about the update from Universal Analytics to GA4 and with many businesses already transitioning into the new era, there’s no time like the present to learn more about what’s coming!…
Your social media presence adds to your brand’s personality, and can be used to amplify your company’s mission. Creating a comprehensive social media strategy capitalizes on this, as it works to communicate and showcase who you are as a brand….
User experience (UX) design is the process of designing websites or products for users by fulfilling their wants and needs. The feeling users have after engaging with your site is a direct response to UX design….

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