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Online reputation management (ORM) combines marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization (SEO) to better your online reputation. It is a snapshot of what people will see when they search your business online….
It is one of the worst feelings you could have as a business owner: receiving that bad review. They are discouraging, they lower your brands reputation online, and they decrease your review score and SEO rating on Google. However, despite…
2020 brought many unexpected obstacles, but amidst those challenges, we found unity and new opportunities. People connected through the digital world like never before. As the importance of digital marketing climbs, it may be time to reassess your brand’s strategy….
If you’ve noticed a decline in your search engine optimization (SEO) results, there may be a reason for that. Google released a massive core update that has impacted a company’s search performance more significantly than previous updates….
The digital world is hard to navigate, and it may not feel authentic to your brand. Yet, working with the experts can help you balance those fears with a strategy that works for you and your customers….
Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand, and it’s crucial for the success of a business’ marketing goals. Let’s dive into the importance of brand awareness and how to establish and measure it….
What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of strategy, techniques, and tactics used to increase the traffic to a website from search engines by obtaining a higher ranking or position on the search results pages….
The purpose of a logo is to identify. Your logo is the first thing people will link with the product or service you offer. Look at logos like first impressions. You want a logo that aligns people with the right…
By using social media to share content with current and potential customers, you can update them on your business’s current events and latest offerings, which helps create a strong bond with your audience….
Check-ups at the doctor’s office are a great way of learning how your body is performing; the same can be said about analytics for your website. Analytics show how your website is performing and which areas may need some work….
The global obsession with all things digital and the overwhelming congestion of our inboxes has resulted in our physical mailboxes once again becoming a target for direct mail campaigns….
In today’s world everything is about instant access, and people want a lot of information in a short amount of time. Digital marketers need to find ways to make the most of their fleeting interaction with their audience….
84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their own friends and family’s reviews. A modern form of word-of-mouth marketing, online reviews can make or break your business….
Self-care is a trend that has gained a lot of steam in the past couple of years. By doing what we need to be our best selves, we can put forth our best efforts and reach our full potential….
Facebook revealed this month that it was changing the way Organic Reach is measured. The new measurement will only count Reach when the post appears in a user’s News Feed AND the post enters the user’s screen….

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