How you know it is Time to Change your Logo

Let’s define what a logo is and how important it is for your company. The purpose of a logo is to identify. Your logo is the first thing people will link with the product or service you offer. Look at logos like first impressions. No one wants to bite into a stale chip and reach […]

Why you should use social media for your business

Direct Benefits of having Social Media Imagine having the ability to connect with 2.94 billion potential customers without having to search for a single email address or phone number? By 2020 the number of worldwide Social Media users is expected to grow to 2.94 billion. You may not be on social media but the majority […]

Facebook Rolls Out New Organic Reach Measurements

Facebook revealed this month that it was changing the way Organic Reach is measured. Previously, Facebook counted Reach as how many times a post was delivered in a News Feed, whether or not the user scrolled far enough to see the post. The new measurement will only count Reach when the post appears in a […]

Social Media and Analytics: Case Study

WKH Solutions was tasked with developing a social media campaign to promote Client A’s summer classes. Through targeted boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram, WKH aimed to grab the attention of 13-17 year old students and parents ages 25-50. While speaking with the client during the campaign, we could see that we were able to […]