Facebook Rolls Out New Organic Reach Measurements

Facebook revealed this month that it was changing the way Organic Reach is measured. Previously, Facebook counted Reach as how many times a post was delivered in a News Feed, whether or not the user scrolled far enough to see the post. The new measurement will only count Reach when the post appears in a user’s News Feed AND the post enters the user’s screen.

This is good news, as it more accurately measures if a user has seen a post. With the old measurement, social media marketers were unsure what percentage of Reach meant a user saw or post or not.

This also means the organic reach and paid promotions are measured the same way, making for more consistent data.

Though this is a welcome change, you can expect to see a decline in your Reach this month compared to previous months, because the only users that qualify in a Reach measurement are those who have actually seen your post.

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