Why You Should Use Social Media For Your Business

Direct Benefits of having Social Media

Imagine having the ability to connect with 2.94 billion potential customers without having to search for a single email address or phone number?

By 2020 the number of worldwide Social Media users is expected to grow to 2.94 billion. You may not be on social media but the majority of your customers are. In a fast-paced world, you have to be visible to your potential customers and there is no better way to do this than by meeting them where they already are.

By using social media to share content with current and potential customers, you can keep them updated as to your business’s current events and latest offerings. This helps create a strong bond with your audience and makes them feel a connection with you and your business which will ultimately result in a conversion.

Indirect Benefits of having Social Media

Every business should have a website, this can be a single landing page or a full site with hundreds of pages, a blog, and video. All search engines are taking social signals as a large factor in search engine ranking. As a business owner, you cannot ignore the social context in your overall SEO strategy. Some of our clients in a 3-week period, are getting over a hundred website users directly from social media.

Current Client, Law Firm – 330 users
Current Client, School – 151 users
Former Client, Restaurant – 100 users

The more users that visit your website strengthens your overall website performance, which means increased ranking and visibility on search engines.

Why You Should Outsource

Social media has become a vast and wide-open canvas and taking full advantage of it requires careful strategic planning. When you are using social media for business, you should make sure to keep your social media profile updated consistently, and maintain a constant presence for your business’s exposure. “Out of sight, out of mind” is very true where social media pages are concerned. This can be a time-consuming project that many companies do not have the bandwidth to undertake. By outsourcing this project, you are placing your success in the hands of a team of dedicated professionals who are completely focused on your account and have the ability to stay abreast of current trends, new features, and algorithm changes across all social media platforms.

Current social media experts recommend using the 5:3:2 rule for content.
5 – content from other sources, relevant to your audience
3 – content you have created for your audience
2 – fun/personal content that humanizes your brand

Writing blog posts, creating graphics, or producing video and slideshows require a specific skill set that is required of any digital marketing specialist. When 50% of your social media content relies on this skillset it makes sense to outsource to them.

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