What Goes Around Comes Around: Direct Mail is making a comeback.

Worldwide 200 billion emails are sent every day. And 95% of marketing emails are never opened by recipients. The global obsession with all things digital and the overwhelming congestion of our inboxes has resulted in our physical mailboxes once again becoming a target for direct mail campaigns. The Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report indicates […]

Stop the Scroll: how to grab a user’s attention in a fast-paced digital world.

Did you know people can process images 60,000 times faster than reading text? In today’s world everything is about instant access and people want as much information as they can get within a short amount of time, so digital marketers need to find ways to make the most of their interaction with the audience. By […]

Why are online reviews so important?

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their own friends and family’s reviews. A modern form of word-of-mouth marketing, online reviews can make or break your business. Your prospective customers look at ratings, the total number of reviews, and read reviews of exactly what to expect from your product or service. […]

Self-Care is Sensible Not Selfish

After a grueling Thursday at the office you now have to rush home to feed the dogs while downing a protein bar and some pre-workout, drag yourself to spin class, and join friends for a post workout drink and catch-up. You have a mountain of impending deadlines at work and have been running between meetings […]

Facebook Rolls Out New Organic Reach Measurements

Facebook revealed this month that it was changing the way Organic Reach is measured. Previously, Facebook counted Reach as how many times a post was delivered in a News Feed, whether or not the user scrolled far enough to see the post. The new measurement will only count Reach when the post appears in a […]

International Coffee Day

American Business Women’s Day

Two of my favorite things: Business Strategy & Beer (not necessarily in that order!)

Unlike most of the team at WKH, my background is not in marketing having spent a thirty year career in manufacturing and business consulting. I like to think that this brings a different perspective to the strategic and concept development work that we do as I view our branding and marketing campaigns more like a […]

Social Media and Analytics: Case Study

WKH Solutions was tasked with developing a social media campaign to promote Client A’s summer classes. Through targeted boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram, WKH aimed to grab the attention of 13-17 year old students and parents ages 25-50. While speaking with the client during the campaign, we could see that we were able to […]