What Goes Around Comes Around: Direct Mail is making a comeback.

Worldwide 200 billion emails are sent every day.

And 95% of marketing emails are never opened by recipients.

The global obsession with all things digital and the overwhelming congestion of our inboxes has resulted in our physical mailboxes once again becoming a target for direct mail campaigns.

The Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report indicates that regular direct mail is now over seven times more effective than all digital channels combined, with response rates that far exceed those from email campaigns. Of course we need to bear in mind that these statistics are from the Direct Marketing Association but there are numerous reasons why their assertions are highly likely to be accurate. A good indicator is that online giants like Google and Amazon are among the largest direct mail advertisers in the US.

But what has prompted this renaissance of direct mail?

Firstly, the continual accumulation of data on customer behaviors, preferences and demographics has enabled ever more sophisticated audience segmentation and precise targeting based on this data.

Secondly, advances in production technology means that campaigns can be personalized to levels that make direct mail feel highly tailored to individual customer preferences. Compared to old school mass direct mail, this personalization increases response rates by 36% and increases conversion by 24%.

Finally, even though well targeted, personalized direct mail is re-emerging as a viable communication tool, smart integration with other marketing channels and a holistic approach to campaigns always drives increased engagement and conversion.

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