Dealing with Bad Google Reviews

It’s one of the worst feelings you could have as a business owner: receiving that bad review. They’re discouraging, they lower your brand’s reputation online, and they decrease your review score and SEO rating on Google. However, despite all the trouble that bad google reviews can cause a business, it is crucial to know how to deal with and respond to them.

Why does it matter that I reply to negative reviews?

So why do google reviews matter so much? According to a survey performed by reviewtrackers, 45% of consumers are more likely to support a business that responds to negative reviews. It’s important to understand that consumers want to have personal interactions and engage with businesses. Additionally, businesses that reply to just 25% of their reviews report 35% more revenue on average than those that don’t. It matters just as much to consumers that they see quality reviews for your business as well as how you respond and try to accommodate customers who did not enjoy their experience as much. Being compassionate toward your customer’s needs is essential to the success of your business and helps it grow exponentially.

So how should you respond to google reviews?

When responding to reviews, it is important to remember that most people leaving reviews are expecting a response within a week. It is essential that you are keeping up with reviews and planning out responses in a timely manner. Once you have read through your reviews, it is time to respond. Here are a few quick steps and tips for responding to negative reviews in an appropriate and quality manner:

Start by Thanking The Customer for Their Review

As was previously stated, it is crucial that the customer leaving the review understands that you care about their review and want to receive their feedback. There is no better way to show your appreciation than a sincere “thank you.” Ensure that this “thank you” includes acknowledging their review and an appreciation that they would bring their concern to your attention. This should be the first sentence of your response and utilized to clarify the problem at hand.

Apologize for Their Inconvenience

An apology should immediately follow your “thank you.” Similar to the thank you, the apology displays to the customer that you genuinely care about their concern and would like to resolve any issue. When apologizing, make sure you identify the issue that they raised. This is important because it shows empathy to the customer’s concern and tells them that you read their review and put thought into responding to them. If they don’t clarify the issue, ask about specifics and offer contact information to offer more context.

Offer A Possible Solution

It is important to offer a solution to whatever problem this customer might be experiencing. Ultimately, they are looking for their issue to be resolved, and any help or advice you can give them to resolve their problem is always welcomed.

Thank Them Again

When finishing up your response, make sure to thank them again for their concern. People who leave reviews are taking time out of their day to leave a review on your business. Whether it be good or bad, they contribute to your business’s growth, and you need to make sure they are acknowledged again.

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