How You Know It Is Time To Change Your Logo

Let’s define what a logo is and how important it is for your company.

The purpose of a logo is to identify. Your logo is the first thing people will link with the product or service you offer. Look at logos like first impressions. No one wants to bite into a stale chip and reach into the bag for another. You want a logo that aligns people with the right first impression and pulls them closer to the person, product, business, or service you are designing it for.

How can you tell if your logo is going stale?

Your Logo Looks Like It Was Born Decades Ago:
Design will forever evolve with time and its important your logo keeps up. Keeping the same logo from the ’70s will give off the message that your business is as outdated as your logo. Let’s take a look at Apple’s logo evolution since the rainbow apple in 1976.

Apple changes what fills in the apple, but does not touch the actual outline of the logo. The present logo links people directly to the products that Apple offers because it is a visual representation of what their products look like. From this logo and Apple’s brand image, people know that Apple will serve them with cutting edge and innovative technology.

No Web Traffic:
If every marketing tactic you try is not attracting any traffic to your website, then you need to consider a logo makeover.  There is a chance that you have an unappealing logo that is directing traffic elsewhere.

What Once Flowed Does Not Flow:
When you build your brand image, you want a rhythm throughout every company process. UPS is a great example of a logo that represents the type of service they offer.


The shield translates to the customer that UPS will protect your packages. The choice in colors represents the colors of a package. UPS uses the same colors throughout their website, on their delivery trucks, and in their buildings. The more you make your logo flow with the processes of your company, the more impact you will have in the consumer mind. The goal of a logo is to have an easily identifiable visual that is transparent to who you are as a company.

You Designed Your Logo Yourself:
Most business owners think that it is a smart move to save money and design their logo themselves. It’s just a logo, right?

No. Your logo needs to be meticulously designed and altered to your business. People can tell if a logo has been done by a person with minimal experience. Logos are crucial to your brand image and should be done with professional help.

You Are Rebuilding Your Brand Image:
If your business is in need of a new image because it no longer portrays a positive one, then your entire image needs to be remodeled. The main thing people associate with your brand is your logo. Reach out to professionals to help you design a logo that will help your company thrive.

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